Welcome to the photo GALLERY featuring the annual Asia Pacific Conference on Curriculum Studies and Instructional Designing (APCCSID)!

Each year, we curate a collection of highlights, featuring keynote and plenary speakers delivering thought-provoking presentations, paper presenters sharing novel research, and a myriad of candid snapshots that provide a glimpse into the enriching experience of what it is like to be part of APCCSID. Each snapshot represents not just isolated instances, but the collective spirit and essence of APCCSID's endeavors. From the vibrant exchanges of ideas to the shared accomplishments and the bonds forged, these moments serve as a testament to the vibrant community that is APCCSID.

As you view these journeys of special moments of APCCSID, we trust it will stir a sense of enthusiasm and inspiration within you, kindling the flame of desire to join our future events.