The Curriculum Studies Association of the Philippines, Inc. (CSAPI) was established as a leading professional organization, forming a cohesive community of curriculum studies experts in the Philippines. Its local board comprises individuals who share a common interest in curriculum studies, spanning various schools and institutions. The organization's primary objective is to advance the development and professionalization of curriculum studies in the Philippines, drawing members from educational and training institutions across diverse levels, disciplines, and industries.

CSAPI holds the status of an affiliate organization and serves as the local chapter of the Asia Pacific Research Association on Curriculum Studies, Inc. (APRACSI). Initially, the Philippines, represented by CSAPI, hosted the Asia Pacific Conference on Curriculum Studies and Instructional Designing (APCCSID), an annual international conference organized by APRACSI. Subsequently, other APRACSI country-members took on the hosting responsibilities. CSAPI members actively contribute to the success of APCCSID events by assisting host countries as part of the organizing committee, ensuring the smooth execution of the conference.

Encouraging active participation, CSAPI urges its members to join APRACSI, offering a comprehensive membership package for those interested in affiliating with both organizations.

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