A traditional teacher tends to consider the assessment as the activity after an instruction has taken place using tests, quizzes and other assignments to evaluate the level of student achievement. More often than not most teachers evaluate student performance for the purpose of giving a grade to be reported to the parent at the end of every grading period. There is a need to provide new perspective to teacher’s competency which should enlarge the understanding of assessment.

This paper presents Lesson Study as an efficient and effective way to help teachers raised the level of student performance focused on how the students learned through the researched lessons. Lesson Study involves a group of teachers working together on a broad goal developing lesson plans that are observed, analyzed and revised. Their focus throughout this process is on improving student thinking and making their lessons more effective. The discussion that follows after the lesson presentation is an important phases of the Lesson Study Process. The presence of a knowledgeable other during the discussion provides assurance for the pedagogical content knowledge. Revisions are made to the lesson based on the observations and analysis and another member of the group is selected to teach the lesson again. The process of observation, discuss and revision repeats. The Lesson Study is a reiterative distilling process – an ongoing assessment of student learning.