The AUN QA framework of the ASEAN University Network adopts the principles-based, as opposed to rules-based, approach to quality assurance. In addition, the AUN QA appoach is assessment and not accreditation, unlike ABET, BAN-PT in Indonesia, ONESQA in Thailand, or PAASCU in the Philippines. The talk is an occasion to discuss in detail, including the QA instruments that are being used, the principles-based approach to QA assessment as a supplement to the existing accreditation systems being deployed in the ASEAN region. These assessments are being carried out at the levels of programmes (e.g. Electrical Engineering, Biology, Economics) as well as entire institutions. The AUN QA has so far already done hundreds of programme assessments in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Indonesia, as well as institutional assessments in Indonesia (Universitas Indonesia; Gadjah Mada University), Philippines (De La Salle University), Malaysia (University of Malaya), and Vietnam (VNU University of Technology – HCM; VNU University of Science – Hanoi).