The three core elements for preparing pre-service teachers derived from my research are discussed. For core element 1-(Learning to teach as identity construction)-the pre-service teachers are expected to acquire the concept of being an effective teacher, participate in reflective practice, and are supposed to develop a self-concept of themselves as competent teachers. For core element 2-(Learning to teach as via community of practice)- they are expected to acquire ideas and teaching methods by participating in research and practical activities and co-construction of knowledge when they study and learn to share ideas to construct level of knowledge in language teaching and classroom-based teaching skills. For core element 3-(Learning to teach by acquiring a professional discourse and awareness)- they are to acquire teaching experience through observation and direct teaching experience in both micro teaching and actual class teaching, participate injustifications and connections made among the teaching profession, and the pre-service teachers are supposed to develop professional discourse and awareness. The evaluation scheme for the core elements is presented. These core elements were put into the developed model of the pre-service teacher preparation course.