One of the ways to evaluate the outcomes of teacher education is through the evidence of professional performance of the teacher candidates during the institutional placement (Cochran- Smith, 2001). An integral component of the initial teacher preparation programme at Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education, Universiti Brunei Darussalam is the professional practice and seminar module. The module prepares the teacher candidates with the disciplinary knowledge and critical analytic skills of their practices through linking theory and practice. Recent development on teacher education have shown that tight coherence and integration among the programme modules, and between clinical institutional placement integrated with programme modules using pedagogies linking theory and practice; and provision of effective mentorship through school partnership are critical in developing an excellent teacher education programme (Darling-Hammond, 2006). This paper examines the Professional Practice and Seminar module as one of the core modules offered in the Masters’ of Teaching programme; and evaluate the assessment processes for teacher candidates’ development in teaching and evidences of their reflective practices during their institutional placements based on the graduate standards for teaching. An overview of process for assessment of teacher candidates’ performance during their institutional placement and presentation of their reflective practices using the graduate standards for teaching is presented followed by the quantitative descriptive analyses of two data sources: teacher candidates’ final grades during the first and second semesters’ professional practice and seminar. Issues and challenges in implementing the professional practice and seminar modules are also discussed. This paper concludes that the professional practice and seminar module has supported successful development of teacher candidates’ professional teaching through linking theory and practice, elicited new directions and focus for implementation of professional practice and seminar, and established an efficient assessment process to achieve an excellent teacher programme that prepare teacher candidates for the teaching profession.