Presently we need to discuss about the character and the function of evaluation. Of course, at least evaluation is not only for ranking the learners. Evaluation is the important method for organizing and improving the curriculum. I reviewed this evaluation policy and method, on the field of Programming study in the Information study, which will be required to teach compulsory from the all elementary school since 2020 in Japan. Evaluation for rating learners is not required like regular subjects, it has been used exclusively to improve the curriculum in programming study. According to the policy of MEXT Japan, programming study should be the cross-sectional subject, which related with integrated study and STEM education, gradually in each curriculum of primary – junior high – high school. Evaluation can be conducted to verify which learning stages is correspond to learner’s developmental stage. Assessment is carried out by learner’s self-evaluation. Items of selfevaluation consisted of understanding, feeling of difficulties, interest, pleasure of learning, methods of problem solving, comments, and so on by mainly 4 steps SD system after every class. Considering the curve of learners’ consciousness in chronological order, the boundary point of the learning step in the contents of programming study is revealed and separated, that can be handled sufficiently at primary school and be good to learned at junior high school.