In this increasingly globalized world with all kinds of distraction and distortion, teachers are expected to help their students to develop a strong and noble character so that later on they will become world citizens with skills in making decisions not only for the their own benefits but also for the benefits of other people. But for sure, they need a strong character with strong self-determination. Such character needs developing with appropriate approaches to teaching and learning with emphasis on strong character development. Being expected to help their students to form their character, they themselves should have a strong character too and experienced the character development using an appropriate appraoch. In relation to this, they should be educated to be teachers through a learning and teahing process paying a good deal of attention to the formation of strong character. Since the washback effecti might be effective, there is a need to find an appropriate model of TE evaluation. This paper is aimed to propose a model of language teacher education evaluation which will help strengthen the student teachers’ character. The proposel model will be the empowerment model of evaluation in language teacher education. This model of evaluation is oriented to two goals: improvement and self-determintation.