The Philippine Commission on Higher Education (CHED) released a series of memorandum orders mandating all higher education institutions (HEIs) to shift towards outcome-based education and equip Filipino professionals with 21st century competencies. For medicine, CHED memorandum order (CMO) 18 was released in 2016. For the allied professions CMOs 52 and 55 were released in 2017 standardizing the policies and guidelines in Occupational and Physical Therapy respectively. The CMOs present the minimum quality standards for educating the future physicians and allied health professionals. They recommend the adaption of outcome-based education curriculum and instructional designs. To valuate learner achievement, the basic principles of workplace-based assessment (WBA) will be discussed using the Miller’s pyramid evolving from testing students’ competence what the levels of what they know, if they can apply what they know to given situations, if they can show the procedural knowledge and skills, and if they can demonstrate the competencies alone and competently. These are the same standards required in the Philippine Qualifications Framework. In this session, program outcomes in medicine and the allied professions will be discussed using this evaluation framework.