Evaluation is considered an integral part of the education and training (E/T) processes within the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). All E/T units of the AFP operate an analyse-develop-conduct-assess cycle to ensure quality, well-targeted E/T opportunities, and institutions. Similarly, E/T evaluation is done in the AFP to uphold quality E/T as an initiative that is aligned and contributory to the achievement of national aims, goals, and objectives of nation building and national development. Also, it is a way for the AFP to pursue quality programs and institutions, while serving as an effective means of obliging policy makers and program managers to ensure support to various developments leading towards being a world class armed forces.

Evaluation as an approach focuses on the attainment and preservation of quality in AFP E/T programs. E/T evaluation in the AFP further emphasize the concept of horizontal and vertical classification of AFP E/T institutions. In evaluating AFP E/T programs and institutions, prescribed tools and procedures are essential in determining quality as represented by the fulfilment of E/T objectives and accomplishment of E/T standards. In addition, E/T evaluation in the AFP underscores the preparation and development of E/T evaluators. This further involves the classification of evaluators, their required qualifications and attributes, as well as the organization of an E/T evaluation team so as to deliver the E/T evaluation system.