To innovate the education of Japan from 2020 by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology MEXT, new learning contents and teaching methods are attempted on each level of schooling. Foreign language (English) study becomes commendable from 3rd grade and be taught as the compulsory subject from 5th grade in elementary school. Activating autonomous learning of kids, Active Learning method and Reverse Learning method using ICT are adapted to every subject from elementary to secondary school levels. In ICT education, in order 25 to cultivate the Programmatic thinking of kids, learning computer programming should be an essential content that begins from the middle grade of elementary school. Then again, teaching how to use PC (operation of office application) is terminated until junior high school teaching at the subject Technical Arts and Home Economics.

Concerning connectivity and consistency, the ICT education curriculum is constituted from K to 12 by each of the four elements of learning areas. On Line learnings are utilized as the enhanced teaching methods in higher education such as Learning Management System LMS, Open Course Ware OCW, Video Conferencing VC, and so on. Many kinds of teaching methods and learning systems using ICT are advocated in universities. Hereinto, Japanspecific usage of LMS managing students’ campus life and usage of overseas OCW in foreign language training are proposed. At the same time, the future outlook of online live campus using advanced VC technology is presented.