This paper examines the Brunei’s National Education System for the 21st century (SPN21) introduced and implemented to transform the education landscape to support the nation’s drive to realize the national vision, Wawasan Brunei 2035; assess the measures taken to monitor the transformation process deliver workable and practical solutions in overcoming challenges, and examines how the monitoring evaluation practices bring forward meaningful directions.

An overview of the process in transforming Brunei education system to meet the demands of 21st century teaching and learning is presented, followed by the document analysis of two data sources: the SPN21 curriculum and SPN21 Implementation and Performance Review. Issues and challenges in implementing the SPN21 are also discussed.

This paper concludes that the curriculum evaluation practices in Brunei has resulted in new directions and focus for implementation of the SPN21, and has established an efficient monitoring support to achieve the nation’s vision 2035 : An education strategy that will prepare the youth for employment and achievement in a world that is increasingly competitive and knowledge-based.