Educators 4.0 are currently attempting to integrate technology into the curriculum design, in order to humanise their use. The strategies that have been adopted, however, are primarily logistical and ignore the philosophy and values that underpins this technology. It is argued in this presentation that educational technology will not be humanized until it is understood to be sustained by a philosophy other than technological rationality, and thus is provided with a human base. In this presentation, Nurkhamimi describes how the education ecosystem has become ineffective by not adapting the students’ preferences, learning styles, perspectives and background. He believes that the future education will be dominated by the values and cosmopolitan thought and everyone in every field, including curriculum design, is required to have 4C, namely Concept, Competence, Connection, and Confidence. Thus, the design of the curriculum should not be tailored based on the mastery of advanced science and technology alone, but also the understanding and mastery of basic and solid moral values, which is called technohumanistic approach.