Describing a Relevant, Appropriate, and Responsive Intended Senior High School Technical Vocational Education Curriculum: A Case Study of M.B. Asistio Annex Senior High School Stakeholders’ Perceptions

Ariel T. Capati; Ferdinand A. Dw Leon; Jackie Jae Hee Kim Arayana F. Kunting; Maria Regina Corazon S. Sibal; Cecilia A. Suarez

The study sought to determine the perspective of M.B. Asistio Annex Senior High School (MBAASHS) stakeholders on the current SHS technological-vocational-livelihood (TVL) curriculum in terms of relevance, appropriateness an responsiveness, and relate these perceptions with the Department of Education (DepEd) goals for such curriculum. The study used qualitative method to include focus group discussion (FGD) of four groups of respondents. To validate their perceptions, the study used survey questionnaires for each group of stakeholders. The findings of the study concluded that the relevant curriculum takes into consideration student career choice, high employability rate, and puts premium on student dependability; that the appropriate curriculum sets high regard for student interests, enculturates students to be skilled and hones them as critical thinkers as they solve job-related concerns and places emphasis on curriculum alignment; and the responsive curriculum embraces the creation of learners as part of the “think tank” group, provides adequate curriculum materials, and is consistent with what the Department of Education offers.