As the pandemic entered all of our lives in full force, educators were required to quickly flex. In order to keep teaching, educators needed to problem-solve how to do so quickly online in order to continue educating students in a safe manner. Since eSchool of Graduate PME, at Air University, is an online college, we were already teaching online. However, there are residential colleges at Air University too, and some of those colleges reached out to us to guide and support them as they quickly switched to online delivery. Since the majority of face-to-face educators, who were required to change to online teaching, didn’t have much support, guidance, or time what occurred was pandemic teaching and delivery – not effective online instruction and delivery. During this presentation, I will focus on teaching common challenges in online education and strategies to prevent or overcome those challenges. Effective online education includes starting with a student orientation on how to be a successful online learner as face-to-face and online learning have different requirements. Next, I will move into how an instructor prepares online courses since a professor cannot change curriculum or directions on the spot in an online course. Instructor expectations are also crucial, which include consistent best practices, priorities of soft skills being infused in the curriculum, and how to teach and manage an online classroom. Then, I will share about how to improve overall academic excellence including Socratic questioning, Bloom’s Taxonomy, effective assessments, and strengthening innovative delivery. Lastly, I will cover the importance of initial and ongoing faculty development and review some overall key takeaways.