The University of the Philippines College of Education spearheads initiatives to support education stakeholders during the pandemic. Based on its Education Resilience and Learning Continuity Plan (ERLCP), the first webinar series put a premium on compassion, inclusion and innovation. It highlighted eight strategies: prioritize teacher and student safety, health, and well-being; recalibrate curricular and assessment priorities; enact flexible learning options; empower families for home-based learning; lead for resilience and innovation; redesign the learning environment; evaluate education financing; and create new knowledge. Meanwhile, the second series focused on sharing strategies using a disciplinal approach. Fourteen programs showcased best practices around remote learning’s cognitive and affective impact; coping and distress tolerance skills; philosophical perspectives on the education of the self with others; teaching responsible netizenship; remote education trends, challenges and issues in Southeast Asia; doing basic and action research during the pandemic; managing remote learning’s physical impact; nurturing happy kids in the new normal; reading in the time of COVID-19; conducting Science activities in the new normal; incorporating visual literacy strategies in online instruction; experiences, challenges, and insights in facilitating learning in the virtual language classroom; and engaging learners and using educational technology appropriately during remote learning. These webinars reached more than a million education stakeholders suggesting that the College has a large reach and support base. Viewers’ feedback showed that the initiative was able to enhance the implemented curriculum and address the education stakeholders’ needs. In order to sustain these efforts, the College plans to develop massive open online courses for teachers.