Classroom assessment is an integral part of curriculum implementation. It allows the teachers to track and measure learners’ progress and to adjust instruction accordingly (DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2015). This paper attempted to embed localization and contextualization in art-based form of assessment.

This mixed method study assessed the effectiveness of the validated and contextualized art-based Science formative assessment in helping the pupils mastered the concepts. The experimental group performed well than the control group as reflected in the test results. The artworks revealed the pupils’ experiences and details of the different concepts on weather disturbances. Based from the consolidated observation of the teacher and school head, it was revealed that the presence of collaboration, creativity, problem solving and active engagement were brought about by the contextualized art-based materials. These were parallel to the responses of the pupils when interviewed on the use of the materials. These features were experienced by the pupils in the conduct of the research are essential in producing 21st century learners. This supports the implementation of the DepEd order and the advocacy in the delivery of lessons through localization and contextualization as key features of the K to 12 Curriculum.