In the education setting, curriculum, instruction and assessment are linked. Assessment plays an important role in gathering information and help teachers to plan next steps in their instruction. Technology can help teachers track and assess students and their own performance faster and more efficiently. It also increases flexibility to assess outside of curriculum hours. The main objective was to determine the use of technology by teachers in assessing their students. In a survey of 129 teachers from two government secondary schools, only 36.4% of the teachers used technology for assessment, such as Kahoot and Edmodo. Some of the reasons for not using technology to assess included lack of facilities, poor internet connection, time constraints, and lack of knowledge on how to use the said technology. In survey given to 25 students from one of the government schools, 16 (64%) of them would like their teachers to use technology to assess them. Their main reasons were such as, it would be easier for them to access and would save papers. Efficient assessment of student progress and providing effective feedback to students without undue delay are essential aspects of effective curriculum delivery for enhanced student outcomes. This will lead to better curriculum implementation and achieving what the curriculum has intended. The rich data collected from the use of technology for assessment will be useful for future curriculum designing during the curriculum review. This study is a part of a large ongoing study aimed at promoting the use of technology in improving formative assessment practices by Bruneian teachers to improve student outcomes through effective curriculum delivery