In tertiary education in the Philippines, Physical Education is required due to its aims for total well-being and benefits to individuals. This paper attempts to describe the current Physical Education (P.E.) instruction and its cultural sensitivity of Muslim women in Zamboanga City, Western Mindanao. Specifically, what are the experiences of Muslim women in taking Physical Education (P.E.); and what are the strategies of PE instructors to address cultural sensitivity of their instruction?

Data were gathered through focus group discussion (FGDs) of Muslim female students on their experiences in P.E. instruction; individual interviews of five (5) P.E. professors on how they modify instruction for cultural sensitivity and document analysis of syllabus.

The results revealed that the Muslim female students do not actively participate in P.E. courses because of cultural and religious reasons like prohibition in dancing and singing, the dress codes, and mixed classroom set-up. This happens in spite of the attempt of instructors to make instructions culturally-sensitive to Muslim female students taking P.E. instruction.