ICT-based Inquiry Instructions (IBII) is a new instructional strategy developed to enhance students’ learning in Year 9 Biology students in Brunei Darussalam. ICT-based Inquiry Instructions is a learning delivery programme that utilizes TPACK framework as its theoretical lens, and constructivist learning and instructional design theories for its theoretical development. IBII uses a familiar platform, that is, Power Point presentations, with embedded inquiry-based learning materials and activities suitable for the secondary students. IBII highly supports student-centered learning where students take charge of their own learning, while teachers facilitate them by guiding and scaffolding students’ understanding. IBII was built to support the ICT integration in the classrooms, and equip teachers with ICT competencies and confidence. In the research study on IBII, the successful impact of ICT integration was reflected through students’ capability in working independently, collaboratively with their peers, eliciting cognitive skills, and gearing positive attitudes towards their lessons. Currently, there are two main Biology topics in IBII tool which are: Journey Inside Your Body and Excretion, which can be accessed offline, particularly for schools with minimal access to the internet. IBII aimed to prepare the younger generation with the 21st century skills, including thinking skills and digital-age literacy, even for those in the remote areas.