One of the exit points of the senior high school program is the continuation to higher education which compels all K to 12 institution to implement a comprehensive career guidance program interspersed in an academic program that aims to prepare the learners in a globally competitive workplace equipped with 21st century skills. The Senior High School Readiness Survey was administered to grade 10 students in order to determine their college readiness in relation to their academic confidence, track preference and track awareness. The degree of correlations indicate how well prepared the students are to the more specialized and contextualized approach of academic instruction in senior high school, as well as, the degree of congruence between academic preparation and track preference. Generally, Grade 10 students have high academic confidence and high career awareness. Multiple regression analysis revealed that career awareness has the strongest and most positive correlation with college readiness. Academic confidence is also strongly and positively correlated with college readiness. Theoretically, both academic preference and career awareness are good predictors for college readiness. Both would have significant impact on college readiness. Findings and conclusions from this study further justify the need to continuously update the curriculum in terms of 21st century cognitive skills, the strengthening of alternative forms of assessment, and interdisciplinary context vis-a?-vis critical and creative learning tasks that would ensure the global competitiveness of the academic program both in the junior and senior high schools.