With the Covid-19 pandemic that affected almost all the countries in the world, many institutions in various countries have adapted their structures and procedures to still be able to address the challenges brought about by the pandemic. COVID-19 has created serious challenges for Pre K-12 schools and communities that may permanently change the way educational services are provided and have forced in a very short amount of time for our school districts to completely reconceptualize how educational services were administered (Arthaud and Adamson, 2020). Most countries transitioned to emergency remote learning and migrated to online learning even without formal pre-service training or workshops. Due to the limited time frame, willingness of the school stakeholders to resume classes, and challenges of not being able to meet and attend a training workshop in person, many schools adapted to having pre-service teacher training online. One such school is a private institution in Pandi, Bulacan that sought assistance on how to address an emergency shift to online learning. The process of preparing, developing, and executing the teacher training workshop was done through ADDIE. In the Analyzing step, the school administrators and faculty analyzed and identified the pressing issues that must be faced. The results of this discussion were then laid out with the facilitators of the teacher training workshop. In the Designing and Developing steps, the school administrator and facilitators would have meetings and consultation in the 4-6 weeks prior to the workshop. Lastly, during the two-day workshop, Implementation and Evaluation steps were executed through Zoom platform utilizing Google Slides for the presentation part. Google Forms was used to elicit the feedback from the participants of the teacher training workshop. While there were still challenges after the workshop and once the classes began, the teacher training workshop was a good start on how to tackle such unexpected interruptions and challenges such as covid-19. The experience from this activity can help in designing future teacher and teaching-related activities.