The Covid-19 has posed a number of problems in my school, which is a private one, but through listening to stakeholders, we finally managed to overcome them. The problems include: (1) the parents’ dissatisfaction with the decreasing amount of learning with the same amount of fee, (2) the parents’ increasing burden of working from home while being obliged to mentor their students’ online learning, (3) the widening gap between students in terms of learning achievement due to different levels of learning independence, (4) first year students’ failure to learn to read and write due unexpected online learning, and (5) and the low quality learning due to the unpreparedness of both teachers and students. We worked hard to solve the problems by: (1) establishing better communication with parents through multiple channels – WA, letter, WA media, telephone, zoom class for parents, home visit and Parents’ Meeting to get as many inputs as possible, (2) webinar parenting, (3) developing blended learning, (4) giving extra classes, (5) providing various platforms (Zoom, Teachers Pay Teachers, Canva, Get Epic, My On, Google Apps, Kahoot, Polleverywhere, Menti.com, Marshal Cavendish Viewer, Wordwall, Quiziz and Virtual-virtual Tour), and (6) drive-through (delivering learning materials and aids to students’ homes on a term basis.