This descriptive case study aimed to illustrate the modifications made in the DEVC 40 course (College of Development CommunicationUniversity of the Philippines Los Baños) from 1st Semester AY 2008- 09 to 2nd Semester AY 2014-15 to accommodate game-based learning approaches. While the educational communication and technology content of the course was unchanged, several modifications in the instructional design (based on Aldrich’s Simulation Learning and Sheldon’s Multi-player Classroom) were implemented to increase student engagement and reduce the communities’ learning fatigue.

As the modified instructional designs were being implemented, observations were made to analyze student performance and engagement in class. Focus group discussions were performed to clarify the data gathered during observations. Final grades were also used as an indicator of performance.

A previous study found that students who took the modified DEVC 40 performed well in class and had deep, higher-order learning (Maligalig, 2013). Students also gained meta-learning of the content as they strategized, collaborated, and used 21st Century learning skills in class.