This paper discusses a substantially unexplored element of motivation, specifically, the relationship between foreign language (FL) learning motivation and critical thinking (CT) motivation. Language and thinking are two inseparable elements: one cannot exist without the other. Using the Foreign Language Learning Motivation Questionnaire (FLLMQ) developed by Gonzales & Lopez (2015) and the Critical Thinking Motivation Scale (CTMS) prepared by Valenzuela, Saiz and Nieto (2011), 720 students enrolled in FL course at the Cagayan State University in Tuguegarao City, Philippines were surveyed. The authors looked into the relationship of these two variables with FL learning attitudes and perceived level of skills of learners. Additionally, they also determined the role of gender in FL learning. The study concluded that if Filipino learners are motivated to learn a foreign language, it may follow that they are motivated to think critically, or vice-versa. FL learning motivation and CT motivation has a positive and significant relationship because their integral components interface; that is, one becomes the other. The study ends with some implication of motivation and critical thinking for designing programs for teaching and learning FL.