The study aimed to develop and validate an achievement test in Araling Asyano for grade seven students that can measure the mastered and least mastered skills in K to 12 Araling Panlipunan. The researcher, together with a pool of experts, categorized the learning competencies of K to 12 Araling Asyano, the result of which became the basis in preparing the test blueprint. Based on the test blueprint, a set of 150 questions with four options was formulated. The draft of the instrument was submitted to a panel of experts for content validation. The test underwent two try-outs. After the final administration, a total of 65 items were included in the final form of the test. To ensure the reliability of the instrument, the achievement test was subjected to test-retest method, the split-half method and the KR-21 formula. The data gathered through concurrent validity and known group technique of validation also supported the validity of the instrument. The researcher concluded that the achievement test is valid and reliable for it covers the areas of Araling Asyano and the items were responsive to K to 12 Araling Panlipunan skills.