This study sought to answer the question, “What changes were done by teacher in selected public schools in the implementation and evaluation of synchronous instruction during this time of CoVID-19 pandemic?” The researcher interviewed selected public school teachers and utilized “Analysis of Narrative” as research design to deepen the statements. It is a paradigm thinking of gathering themes based from the stories or statements of the respondents (Polkinghorne, 1995). The collected data was transcribed and encoded to find the common themes from the teachers’ responses. The results presented the challenges that the teachers encountered during the CoVID-19 Pandemic in designing instructional materials are evident in breadth, variety, appropriateness, and balance due to limitation of resources and knowledge, and the diversity of learners. The study also found out that feedback became too demanding due to time constraint and the evaluation was affected due to the reliability of the results from the formative and summative assessment submitted by the students. Lastly, the teachers answered that because of the CoVID-19 Pandemic, they valued more the use of technology in terms of giving instructions and evaluation, and the utilization of available educational technology tools to bridge learning.