The process of crafting a curriculum wholly centered on the Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) concept for the B. S. Architecture program of the University of the Philippines in Diliman’s College of Architecture highlighted the soundness of the OBE concept for the architecture faculty of the university. Within the given constraints of non-required compliance with government-mandated standard B.S. Architecture curriculum as well as the cognizance of content unique to the discipline of architecture, an OBE approach was readily agreed upon as a given by the faculty in line with the internalization thrust of the university.

Taking off from Spady as well as Wiggins’s and McTighe’s text on Understanding by Design, the architecture faculty employed a strict procedure of backward design, from the derivation of ideal student characteristics to specific course objectives, that fulfilled the curriculum development’s objectives as well as reflected the vision and mission of the College of Architecture. This procedure, still in progress, has so far provided the faculty with the realization of the OBE concept’s curricular and instructional advantages.

The specific procedure used, as well as its accompanying contexts and parameters, are described in this paper as an example of a curriculum development procedure wholly based on the OBE concept.