The purpose of the study was to study and examine learner support models in MOOCs. MOOC, which stands for massive open online course, became one of those rare phenomena: an education innovation that captures the imagination of the public at large while moving at a speed of an Internet startup (Haber, 2014). Typically, learner support models are comprised of academic and non-academic support and further divided into sub-categories. A closer examination on literature on and about learner support in this specific open and distance learning (ODL) platform revealed a few support components that seem to be lacking in the context of MOOCs. The literature review only covered studies from 2010 – present associated using keywords “learner support” and “MOOCs” from respected, peerreviewed journals. Results showed that components of existing learner support models in open and distance learning exist in MOOCs however there are some components that have to be included. Perhaps a new framework or model to include these ‘new’ components may be developed as contributions in MOOCs.