Apccsid 2019 Programs

DAY 1 July 26, 2019

8:30Opening Program
8:45Keynote Speech 1The Cycles of Change: Social and Pedagogical Trends and their relationship to Curriculum ReformAndrew Wall, PhD University of Redlands USA
9:45Open Forum
10:00Plenary Session 1: Futures Curriculum DesignsDeveloping Curriculum Design for the 21st Century – Balancing the need of character building and meeting other emerging needs of the futureNg So Boon, PhD Curriculum Division Ministry of Education Malaysia
10:45Open Forum
11:00Reminiscing the Transformation of Curriculum Design in the Malaysian National School Curriculum from 1980s to 2010Ng So Boon, PhD Curriculum Division Ministry of Education Malaysia

Dr. Nor Zihan Hussin, Dr. Kashry. Ab. Rani, Tan Huey Ning, Dayang Nor Ashikin Harun
Ministry of Education Malay
11:45Open Forum
12:30Break Informal Round Table Discussion with Speakers
2:00Plenary Session 2: Curriculum Design and Teacher Education DevelopmentChanging Teaching, Empowering Teachers: Developing a 21st Century Curriculum through Lesson StudyKeith Wood, PhDSultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education
2:45Open Forum
3:00Difficulties and Opportunities between Local and Global in Curriculum and Teacher EducationTakuya Baba, PhD Hiroshima University
3:45Open Forum
4:00Parallel Session and Workshops

DAY 2 July 27, 2019

7:30Plenary Session 2: Curriculum Design and Teacher Education DevelopmentsThe English Language Teachers’ Belief and its Implication for Teacher Education Curriculum DevelopmentSuwarsih Madya, PhD Yogyakarta University Negeri Indonesia
9:15Open Forum  
9:30 Integration of Theory, Practice and Activities to prepare Thai Pre-service Teachers for 21st CenturySumalee Chinokul, PhD Chulalongkorn University Thailand
10:15Open Forum  
10:45Keynote Speech 2Designing Curriculum for the 21st Century: Leadership and IssuesMurray Print, PhD University of Sydney Australia
11:45Open Forum  
1:00Plenary Session 3: Curriculum Design and LeadershipTeacher Agency and Leadership in Curriculum Design InitiativesAmelia Fajardo, PhD University of the Philippines Diliman
2:30Open Forum  
3:15Plenary Session 4: Curriculum Design and TechnologiesAddressing the Challenges of Technohumanistic Approach through Technology and Curriculum DesignNurkhamimi Zainuddin, PhDUniversiti Sains Islam Malaysia :
4:00 PLC (Professional Learning Community) and Teaching Development in ThailandRa-shane Meesri, PhD Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
4:45Open Forum Closing Ceremonies Synthesis Invitation to APCCSID 2020 in Thailand